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LVN Spotlight: Brad Antici

Greg Lambert, Editor of the LVN Newsletter, interviews Brad Antici, Director of Strategic Pricing and Analysis at Butler Snow LLP, discussing Brad's professional journey and his role's daily challenges and rewards.

Greg Lambert: Hi, everyone. I'm Greg Lambert, Editor of the LVN Newsletter, and this month, we are shining the LVN Spotlight on Brad Antici, Director of Strategic Pricing and Analysis at Butler Snow LLP. Brad, thank you very much for letting us shine the spotlight on you.

Brad Antici: Yeah. Good morning, Greg. Glad to be here.

GL: I want to just kind of ask you some questions about your involvement with the Legal Value Network and some of the things that you do in your day job. So let's look at your list. Look at your day job. When you are dealing with legal matters, what are some of the main challenges that you run into on a regular basis at your job? And how do you go about just tackling those challenges?

BA: That's a good question, Greg, I think I think the main challenges that I run into based on conversations and my colleagues, probably not very unique, and those challenges tend to be around, how do you manage a law firm like a business? Because a lot of times, it's management by influence, or by trickery, or, you know, whatever the case may be, and it's getting that behavior to change. And getting lawyers, the attorneys to think like business people about running the firm. And that's just different than in the business world. And the way you accomplish those things is a little bit different than in the business world. And so, you know, those are the biggest challenges is working through that mindset and that behavior changes with the attorneys.

GL: Have you found over time that that's gotten a little bit easier? Or do you think it's kind of maintained the same?

BA: You know, I don't know that it's become any easier. I think that with the attorneys as with most people, the more that they interact with you, and the more that they see, you know, what you're doing and how you're there to help the firm. I think you build that trust, you know, we call it one champion at a time. And that's really how it has to work. You know, when you have success with one attorney, you hope that they mention that to their next-door neighbor or mention it in a meeting and say, "Hey, you want to go talk to Brad and his team or, Thomas and his team?" Or, you know, someone else. "–They really helped me with this matter, or with this client, and I think they can help you as well." And, you know, for a guy like me that comes in from the business world where you see a problem, and you just fix it and you fix it globally, that one champion at a time, especially in a firm with several 100 attorneys, you have to be patient. And that's not one of my strongest suits.

GL: Yeah, that's I don't think many of us have that. Have that strong suit. So well, let me kind of flip this over and ask you about, you know, what part of the job do you really enjoy? Are there any special achievements or any kind of memorable experiences that you'd like to share with the LVN members?

BA: You know, I don't know that I've done anything notable. Any more so than any of my other colleagues, you know, the most enjoyable part of the job is when you're able to get that champion, you know, each time you work with an attorney, and you have a success. And that attorney calls you the next time, and they call you the next time and you become a very trusted adviser to them. That's the most rewarding part for me. Because that's why we're here. My role is structured here, not so much as a role with any level of authority at all. And I like it that way. My role is designed here to be a counselor and advisor to the attorneys. And I like that because the moment I have a hammer is the moment they stop coming to me for help. If they know that they can come and listen and choose to accept or not accept the advice that I give them. It just keeps that door wide open and I just generally like helping people.

GL: Yeah, it helps that success tends to breed more success. So if you can get that, like you said, get that champion and get the word out, make life somewhat easier. Although, you know, in most firms, no good deed goes unpunished. So, it just keeps coming back to you over and over again.

BA: So the downside of that is when you build that success, you become busy and the attorneys are all over you. And then, you know, the problem with that is, then the attorneys don't want you to talk to anybody else because then they feel like you're not going to be as responsive to them. And so, it is, it is a delicate balance. You got to build that team that we have here. You have to build it and scale it. We've been fortunate here to build out a very good team of pricing analysts and finance analysts that allows us to leverage the resources that we have.

GL: Yeah, well, I tell you, I think a lot of people would like to be in your shoes. But it sounds like you've got a pretty full plate there.

BA: Yeah, it's fun. And that's what's been fun for me is, is being in a role where I'm able to, you know, influence and make some decisions and help this firm grow. It's it's been a lot of fun.

GL: Well, great. Well, Brad, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to sit down and talk with us today. And we appreciate it. And we'll see you around the LVN events.

BA: Thanks, Greg.

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