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Legal Value Network seeks to deliver value to members by not only sharing ideas and thought leadership through substantive programming, but by creating a platform for engagement enabling the development of best practices and new methodologies that will evolve the legal services industry. Our programs and initiatives are meant to share, teach, recognize and bond.

In order to organize our activities into intuitive groupings, Legal Value Network has created:



Focused on delivering thought leadership content that explores contemporary topics in the industry and insights from the members of the community who are leading the way.  Offerings include:

  • Webinars

  • Podcasts

  • Articles and other publications


Focused on activities that bring members of the community together to craft solutions to common challenges facing law firms and legal departments. The goal of these initiatives is to develop tangible processes, tools and methodologies through direct collaboration among peers that can be implemented in the real world. Initiatives include:

  • Collaboration project task forces assembled to develop and disseminate industry best practice processes and practical tools designed to address common industry challenges

  • Industry sector-specific online forums and focus groups established to discuss issues and opportunities for law firm/client collaboration in the context of the unique dynamics and priorities present across different industries


Focused on staying abreast of the state of change across the ever-changing landscape in the industry. Primary offering:

  • Annual industry survey produced through partnership with industry experts that will focus on perceived and real developments in the working relationships between law firms and clients


Focused on expanding the geographic reach of and involvement in Legal Value Network’s initiatives. Initiatives include:

  • Outreach to professionals across the globe aimed at broadening the perspectives and ideas circulating through the community

  • Regional events in the US organized to help strengthen bonds between colleagues in local markets


Focused on passing along the learnings, perspectives and wisdom of today to the leaders of tomorrow. Offerings include:

  • Mentorship program pairing those seeking a mentor with experienced professionals who can share insights and provide guidance for professional development to the next generation of leaders

  • “Ask an Expert” online forum helmed by seasoned professionals within the community providing a platform for firms without pricing/LPM/practice management professionals to get practical guidance on substantive questions


Focused on activities and initiatives aimed at recognizing members’ meaningful achievements, and leveraging the wisdom of luminaries. The following offerings are coming soon:

  • Annual achievement awards to be given across a variety of areas, such as collaboration, innovation and change management, voted on by members of the community

  • “Council of Luminaries” providing a means for recognized industry veteran thought leaders from the law firm and client side to share their perspectives on substantive topics and challenges that are shaping the evolution and future of the legal services industry

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