LVN Committees

 The Legal Value Network has a number of open volunteer positions and we are looking for interested LVN members to fill those roles.


Why get involved? This is your chance to serve your professional community ✔ collaborate with a supportive team ✔ develop leadership skills ✔ socialize with fellow LVN members ✔ gain professional contacts ✔ shape different areas of the organization ✔ and have a positive impact!


Let's find the right fit. What piques your interest? 

  • Would you like to contribute to the LVNx 2022 Conference Experience?

  • Develop educational programming for the business of law community?

  • Plan the LVN Road Trip that's visiting New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London next year?


Explore the open position details below to see what works for you. Apply by December 1, 2021.

#1 Conference Committee

Excited about LVNx 2022? This is the committee for you.


  1. Programming – Support the development of the educational content that is delivered at the conference

  2. Sponsorship – Generate leads and help make calls to prospective sponsors

  3. Marketing – Provide creative input on efforts to promote the conference, support marketing efforts by sharing on social accounts

Term: 1 year | Time Commitment: Conference Committee will meet monthly for one hour starting in January 2022 through September 2022. Subcommittees develop their own meeting schedules, which is typically one hour per month during conference planning time (January – September) but may vary depending on the workload. All volunteers are expected to contribute and complete action items outside of meeting times.


#2 Education Committee

Interested in giving back to your business of law community? Join us!

This LVN Committee is responsible for developing ideas for webinar topics, speakers, and content. Tracked webinars (Innovation, Beyond the Technical, Pricing & LPM) are offered once per month. Sponsored webinars are offered once per month and are produced upon request of the sponsor.


  1. Innovation – Content explores technologies, tools, practices, and strategies related to the ever-evolving innovation in the legal industry.

  2. Beyond the Technical –  Content explores a broad range of topics designed to provide the skills necessary for career advancement including programs on leadership, negotiation, working in teams and numerous other “soft skills”.

  3. Pricing & LPM – Content explores legal pricing and legal project management strategies and theories from the perspectives of in-house legal departments, law firms, and legal business partners.

    Terms: 1 year | Time Commitment: Each month, on a rotating basis, one subgroup will deliver a tracked webinar. Members of that subcommittee are responsible for developing the topic, identifying and securing speakers, and coordinating with the speakers. Each subcommittee produces four (4) webinars per year. On average, it takes about 4-8 hours for the subcommittee to execute one webinar. Most of the subcommittee work is done via email or offline. The Education Committee gets together via Zoom a few times per year.

  4. New! Sponsored Webinars – Responsible for overseeing the development and webinar content alongside LVN sponsors.

    Term: 1 year | Time Commitment: Each month, LVN offers space for one Sponsored Webinar. Sponsored Webinars are offered on-demand only (meaning, at the request of the Sponsor). For example, currently, for 2022, LVN has booked four Sponsored Webinars to date. The Sponsored Webinar Subcommittee will review applications submitted by sponsors and work with the sponsor on content development and planning.


#3 New! Road Trip Task Force: Time to hit the road!

While LVN was not able to get together in 2021, we plan to offer our community a chance to be together in Spring 2022.


LVN will host a Road Trip in the following cities: New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and London! We are planning a half-day of networking, educational content, and facilitated discussions. Want to join in on planning one of our stops? Apply today.


Subcommittees:  New York City  •  Chicago   •   San Francisco  •  London

Term: Dec 2021 – July 2022 | Time commitment: The LVN Road Trip will take place from March through May 2022 and planning has already begun. We'd love to incorporate your perspective into this cross-country event and ask for a commitment through July 2022 to evaluate our efforts. Monthly check-in meetings will likely be scheduled to bring our group together, while the majority of volunteer work will be able to be accomplished offline. 


Would you like to volunteer?
Join an LVN Committee by December 1, 2021.