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Ok, So Now What?: Reimagining Pricing and Profitability in an Efficiency-Enabled Market


Keith Maziarek LVN Board Member and Director of Pricing and Legal Project Management at Katten



As the paradigm shifts in the professional services delivery model thanks to rapidly maturing technologies and the new approaches they enable, there are both opportunities and challenges for sellers and buyers in reframing how value is created and captured. The traditional “brute force” approach of manual labor-intensive processes is starting to erode as modern tools and capabilities utilized by an evolving leverage mix gain traction, prompting firms to revisit how they conceptualize pricing and generating profit. In a world where monetizing inputs one unit at a time can’t generate the financial results partners expect, how can firms shift focus to the value of the outcomes their services deliver, and equally challenging, articulate that value to clients? This session will touch on various aspects of the developments currently taking place in the provision of legal services, and provide some perspectives on the commercial implications for participants in the sector.


Robots in Legal Ops - How Generative AI is invading Legal Operations?


Lisa ChamandyChief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Borden Ladner Gervais

Mark Allen,  Director of Legal & Compliance Operations and Strategy, Zillow

Joel Barolsky, Professional Services Management Consultant, Barolsky Advisors


Jessica LimNational Director, Practice Management, Disputes, Borden Ladner Gervais

Hear from a diverse panel how cutting-edge companies and firms are adopting generative AI and the impact they foresee both internally and on those they partner with. We will discuss the practice of law, legal operations and organization-wide use cases from three different perspectives.

  • Canadian Law Firm Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer at Borden Ladner Gervais, Lisa Chamandy.

  • Seattle-based Real Estate Website Director of Legal & Compliance Operations and Strategy at Zillow, Mark Allen.

  • Australian-based Strategist and Professional Services Management Consultant at Barolsky Advisors, Joel Barolsky.

Sponsored by Harbor


Marketplace and Peer Insights from Harbor’s Latest Billing + Revenue Cycle Survey


Jaime Woltjen, Director, Strategy + Transformation at Harbor Christine Indiano, Senior Manager, Strategy + Transformation at Harbor Henry Rosenstein, Consultant, Strategy + Transformation at Harbor


Please join Harbor and LVN members as we review the results of Harbor’s annual Law Firm Billing + Revenue Cycle Survey.   

Harbor will share its key findings, including year-over-year trends, across the market. You will gain insights into:  

New and evolving roles to support revenue cycle processes. Latest developments in staffing models and resourcing which have come to the forefront as law firm billing and collections practices come under scrutiny. Top priorities in reducing revenue leakage. Market intelligence on the strategies firms are employing – such as changes to billing processes and more effective management of outside counsel guidelines and proforma invoices.  

Technology enabling more efficient billing and collections. Updates on the tools that firms are deploying to drive improved automation and efficiency throughout the revenue cycle.

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters


Fund Formation: How Your Law Firm Can Drive New Revenue


Sebastiaan Bos, Senior Director, Product Management Thomson Reuters
Elena Folkes, Director, Market Development Thomson Reuters


Elena Folkes, Director, Market Development Thomson Reuters

It is no surprise that many law firms’ strategic growth plans are focused on Private Equity and Venture Capital organizations. Their spend on average is $35 million on outside counsel for fund- and deal-related work each year. For a law firm, the question becomes how to discover more opportunities to advise clients. Digitizing fund formation services presents a big-ticket, high-value opportunity for law firms.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

• New areas of strategic growth

• Potential risks of investor onboarding

• How fund formation services can improve via technology


Meet Them Where They Are: Creating Analytics Solutions That Are Actually Utilized


Kathryn Dimmic, Business Intelligence Manager at Levenfeld Pearlstein

Avanthi Masthoff, Consultant, Special Projects at Avanthi Consulting LLC


Christian Stephenson, Associate, Legal Value Network

While self-service business intelligence solutions have become the norm in law firms, the actual user experience proves there is much to learn about how to effectively surface strategic insights to end users. A successful reporting platform must be accessible, flexible, standardized, personalized and real-time – all at once. Many law firms are a long way from achieving this perfect solution, but all hope is not lost. The most successful analytics platform will meet users at their door – that is to say, provide a robust self-service solution that is personalized, comprehensive, and easy to use. We will discuss the foundation of building a successful solution – while also filling in the gaps with bespoke reports that meet the diverse and divergent needs of any law firm.

Sponsored by Cherry Bekaert


Law Firms in Peril: Surviving the AI-Pocalypse


Toby Brown, CEO of DV8 Legal Strategies and LVN Board Member
Kristina Satkunas, Director Strategic Consulting, CounselLink by LexisNexis
Ryan McClead, Principal at Sente Advisors
Nita Sanger, Director, Business Strategy and Digital Transformation, Cherry Bekaert Advisory LLC


Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer at Jackson Walker, LLP and co-founder of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Recent reports indicate generative AI could replace up to 44% of work currently performed by lawyers. While the actual percentage is debated, the rise of AI will inevitably disrupt law firm operations and profitability. Pricing and LPM professionals must get ahead of this change and understand AI’s role in altering law firms’ business models. This panel was able to secure anonymized billing data from 10 clients and analyze it to see what percentage of time entries could be displaced by Gen AI. We then took those outcomes and ran profit models to see what potential impacts this will have not just on revenue, but on profitability. We feel law firms will be making big Gen AI investments in a vacuum, not knowing their economic impact, let alone realizing they may be exposing themselves to measurable negative ROI. We will end this program talking about how firms should be thinking about all of this and how Pricing and LPM should be at the table for these discussions.


What Would You Say You Do Here? How Pricing, Project Management, and Law Firm Innovators explain what we do, how we can help and what value we can bring.


Melanie Shield
Director of Client Solutions & Lead Client Intake Counsel
Honigman LLP

Peter L. Secor
Senior Pricing Manager

Nora Navin
People/Strategy/Business Development Leader


Tiffanie West
Associate Director, Global Client Pursuits – Americas 
Baker & McKenzie Global Services LLC

Fans of Office Space will know the Bobs had that question: what would you say you do here? If you have some Bobs at your firm or department, join us for a discussion that explores how to explain what we do, what value we bring, and how we get others to join and champion new initiatives.

In collaboration with Intapp

Additional support provided by Litera


Legal Pricing & Project Management Survey Virtual Summit


You are invited to join Brad BlicksteinDavid CambriaChristopher EndeKeith Maziarek, and others to hear insights that you can't get anywhere else.


The Legal Pricing & Project Management (LPPM) Survey, produced with Annual LDO Survey veterans Blickstein Group and David Cambria, and in collaboration with Intapp, delivers unprecedented insights into what connects and disconnects law firm and client legal operations professionals. There is nothing else like it.

Even better, the Legal Pricing & Project Management Survey Virtual Summit brings it to life, with leading LPPM and law department operations professionals analyzing and discussing the results—both among themselves and with you.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Unique insights about the data from the survey authors

  • Interactive peer discussions - with you - on challenges and impediments, how LPPMs interact with law department operations professionals and how the two groups' perspectives differ

  • Network with some of the world’s top legal pricing and project management professionals and legal ops professionals in a fun, interactive virtual setting

BigHand, Fulcrum GT, and Intapp


Leveraging Technology to Improve the Billing Process


Danette Long, Electronic Billing Analyst, Foley & Lardner

Amy Sellars, Vice President of Legal Operations, CBRE


Jack Recinto, Manager of Application Development, VedderPrice

The last in our three-part series, this webinar will help participants learn new ways of leveraging technology to improve billing processes. During this session, we will discuss how to get the most of eBilling systems, managing Outside Counsel Guideline compliance, tools to manage special billing arrangements and timekeeper rate maintenance, and how the billing process has changed since the pandemic.

In Partnership with LVN Sponsor, Litera


Thinking Outside the Timecard – using data to close the gaps


  • Jessica Davis, McCarter & English LLP, Director, Matter Performance & Service Innovation

  • Michael Goulet, Brown Rudnick LLP, Director of Pricing & Legal Project Management

  • Jolita Rukaityte, Litera, Product Manager - Clocktimizer


Freddie Hustler, Litera, Director, International Product Sales

By understanding and categorizing timecard narratives into types of work, Clocktimizer gives law firms incredibly powerful data that can be used to solve a huge variety of challenges.

Your lawyers are already writing timecard narratives. So, why not use that data to:

1.  Understand how to reduce write-offs and increase realization rates

2.  Know which people will benefit most from access and training for specific technologies

3.  Quantify the ROI on new technology and processes

4.  Find the right expert, however specific or niche your need is

5.   Reduce time spent by fee earners on non-billable tasks

Join this webinar to understand how firms are using timecard narratives to successfully tackle these challenges and more.

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