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Law Firms in Peril: Surviving the AI-Pocalypse

Sponsored by Cherry Bekaert


Law Firms in Peril: Surviving the AI-Pocalypse


Toby Brown, CEO of DV8 Legal Strategies and LVN Board Member
Kristina Satkunas, Director Strategic Consulting, CounselLink by LexisNexis
Ryan McClead, Principal at Sente Advisors
Nita Sanger, Director, Business Strategy and Digital Transformation, Cherry Bekaert Advisory LLC


Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer at Jackson Walker, LLP and co-founder of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog


Recent reports indicate generative AI could replace up to 44% of work currently performed by lawyers. While the actual percentage is debated, the rise of AI will inevitably disrupt law firm operations and profitability. Pricing and LPM professionals must get ahead of this change and understand AI’s role in altering law firms’ business models. This panel was able to secure anonymized billing data from 10 clients and analyze it to see what percentage of time entries could be displaced by Gen AI. We then took those outcomes and ran profit models to see what potential impacts this will have not just on revenue, but on profitability. We feel law firms will be making big Gen AI investments in a vacuum, not knowing their economic impact, let alone realizing they may be exposing themselves to measurable negative ROI. We will end this program talking about how firms should be thinking about all of this and how Pricing and LPM should be at the table for these discussions.

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