LVN Product Briefing: Accelerate Firm Growth with Predictive Client Intelligence


Paul Giedraitis, Founder & President
Maggie Miller, Chief Client Officer


Purvi Sanghvi, LVN Founding Board Member

Orgaimi is the world's most powerful client intelligence platform for law firms.

Orgaimi's AI technology extracts predictive insights from firm data to form a holistic picture of the client portfolio that impels action. This helps partners and firm stakeholders identify client growth opportunities, prevent client churn, and strengthen the client experience.

Orgaimi Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate Client Growth: Quickly identify opportunities for new matters and service offerings that clients are likely to need

  • Support Firm Collaboration: Find the best colleagues at the right time for firmwide cross-selling and collaboration across practice areas

  • Prevent Client Churn: Monitor and alert partners to client portfolio risk factors based on service history, matter delivery, and relationship management

  • Turn Data into Value: Seamlessly integrate Finance, HRIS, CRM, E-Comms and other data sources into rich insights about client, services, and people


Here, There, and Everywhere: How to Intentionally Support Hybrid Legal Teams from a People and Technology Perspective


  • Alison DiFlorio, Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting Division at Exude

  • Lisa Puntillo, Director of Professional Development at Hanson Bridgett

  • Brett Don, CIO at Stradley Ronon


Nita Cumello, Director of Well-Being, Global Large Law at Thompson Reuters

Join our expert panelists who've spent years advising organizations on how to navigate the cultural challenges of hybrid work. Hear the lessons learned from a law firm that intentionally went hybrid before the pandemic and from a firm for which remote work was a big shift in mindset to embrace more flexibility and opportunities.


Special webinar with Brian Henderson, Founder, Whole Business Wellness Limited



Hosted by: Stuart Dodds, Principal at Positive Pricing and LVN Board Member

May is Mental Health Awareness Month


A Call to Action: Let's Do What We Say - How Clients and Firms Can Partner to Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Laura A. Dieudonne, Legal Operations and Administration Director at Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Dean Kpere-Daibo, Partner at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete

Erik Perez, Central Legal Operations Officer at Shell USA, Inc.


Shawn Gross, Director of Pricing & Legal Project Management at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete

This webinar is sponsored by Intapp, Validity Finance, and LexFusion


Leveraging Pricing, Technology and Project Management to Retain Talent and Drive Growth


  • Brad Blickstein, Principal at Blickstein Group and Partner and Co-Head of NewLaw at Baretz+Brunelle

  • Kristina Lambright, Senior Director of Strategic Growth at Perkins Coie and Board Member at Legal Value Network

  • Devin O’Leary, Practice Group Leader, Operation and Finance at Intapp

  • Kate Boyd, Chief Operating Officer at Validity Finance



One of the underrated reasons law firms lose clients is that they sometimes leave when the firm’s lawyers move on or retire. In fact, more than 27% of respondents to the Legal Pricing & Project Management survey view “losing clients through lateral hires” as the “chief rival to your firm’s ability to source and maintain business today.”

In this webinar, we will discuss the relationship between talent, client retention, and growth and provide some concrete strategies for attracting and retaining talent.


Billing for a Productive Relationship: An LPPM Survey Webinar


David Cambria, Managing Director of Legal Operations, Innovation and Modern Law Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers - Legal Business Services

Purvi Sanghvi, Director of Strategic Pricing at Paul Hastings

Vinnie Scarinci, Practice Group Leader at Intapp

Joshua Libling, Director of Risk Analytics at Validity Finance, LLP

Sponsored By: Intapp  Validity Finance LexFusion


The 2nd Annual Legal Pricing and Project Management Survey, created in collaboration with Intapp, delivers a detailed look at legal pricing and project management professionals (LPPMs) at major U.S. law firms and leverages data from the most recent Annual Law Department Operations Survey to provide an exclusive look at their perspectives as compared to—and their relationships with—those in parallel roles at corporate law departments (LDOs).

One of the areas where we found substantial disconnects between the LPPMs and the LDOs is around billing models, with law firms struggling with the tension between delivering value and billing hours, clients struggling to be heard on enforcing outside counsel guidelines, and both groups struggling to figure out alternative fee arrangements.

In this webinar we will explore a number of data points from the LPPM Survey around billing models and the billing relationship and discuss how law firms and law departments can work together. Some of the specific questions we will discuss include:

  • Are law firm lawyers properly incentivized for client value and innovation?

  • How can both sides get more out of billing guidelines?

  • Can we finally figure out alternative fee arrangements?

  • Are shadow bills effective or counterproductive?

  • Is measuring the value of legal services more art than science?


Budget, Communicate, Execute – How Clients, Firms, and Business Partners Can Augment Legal Service Delivery


David Cai, Legal Project Manager at Lenczner Slaght

Frederick J. Esposito, Jr., MBA, CLM, Chief Operating Officer, Rivkin Radler LLP

Aaron Boersma, Legal Operations, Strategic Pricing and Analysis Lead, at Google


Jessica Lim, National Director, Practice Management, Borden Ladner Gervais

Did my outside counsel communicate with us? Was the work completed, and was it completed efficiently? And did my counsel reasonably stick to the budget/fee arrangement? These are table-stake questions that clients should expect from their law firms and business partners.

Yet despite investments into legal operations personnel and technology platforms, both firms (65%) and law departments (64%) agree that an insufficient amount of communication and feedback is shared during the delivery of legal services, according to a recent law department survey conducted by the Blickstein Group and the Legal Value Network.

As a matter’s scope is solidified and work begins, how can legal departments, law firms, and business partners effectively operationalize improvements to the delivery of legal services? What roles do people and technology play in augmenting current or creating new processes?

Join us as our diverse panel of speakers walk through real-world client/firm encounters and provide insights into how your teams can effectively enhance legal service delivery.


LVN Product Briefings: The Future of Financial Management


Aurora Bucaj, Product Marketing Specialist, Prosperoware LLC

Sharon Cannon, Umbria Product Manager, Prosperoware LLC



The Evolving Client-Firm Relationship in the Wake of the Pandemic


Natasha Edlow, Director, Strategic Pricing & Project Management at Covington & Burling LLP

Bart Gabler, Chief Information Officer, K&L Gates

Hannah Robinson, Assistant General Counsel, Invenergy LLC


Ken Crutchfield, VP & GM, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory, U.S.

Sponsered by Intapp


Survey Data Speaks: What We’ve Learned, Where We’re Going


Chris Ende, Chief Value Officer, Goulston & Storrs, and LVN Board member
Ben Hayden, Senior Director of Legal Operations, Cengage Group
Bea Seravello, Partner and Co-Head of NewLaw, Baretz+Brunelle


Sharon Scenna, Senior Director of Solutions Management, Intapp

Early 2021 yielded contemporaneous survey data across three key stakeholder groups: in-house law department operations professionals (LDOs), outside law-firm pricing and project management professionals (LPPMs), and legal IT professionals (LITPs).

When studied together, the results show unsurfaced service gaps that can impact the delivery to clients, a spotlight on the importance of operational excellence as a key driver of profitable delivery, and that the pandemic-driven adoption of innovative technologies – including cloud-based solutions and AI – is paving the path for firms looking to maintain long-term market leadership.

As we prepare for a new round of surveys, join our market experts to hear their reactions to last year’s data and how they anticipate changes and developments.