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LVN attracts a diverse group of legal industry professionals who design, build and implement successful business processes. There is great value in the client-side perspective and you're invited to join free as an in-house member.


Aaron Boersma

Global Affairs Finance at Google

The Legal Value Network is the only organization keenly focused on creating a more collaborative legal industry. Whether you are a member of an in-house legal ops team, at a law firm, or you are a legal technology / service provider, your voice matters at LVN. I'm convinced that a better tomorrow will be shaped by the Legal Value Network."


Alexandra Guajardo

Pricing & Analytics Officer at Shell

There's value in getting the perspective from law firms, vendors, and comparing notes with other clients. I found that the more that we share, the more we help each other in the industry. I’m not just looking to benefit myself, I’m looking to benefit legal operations as a whole.


Justin Ergler

Director, Alternative Fee Intelligence and Analytics at GlaxoSmithKline

We’re shaping the conversation about the future of legal services and keeping the client-side perspective at the forefront. That’s the power of LVN.

Eligibility:  Any person or group employed in a legal department within a business.

Be part of it: accelerating evolution in the legal industry.

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