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Thu, Aug 20
Online Webinar
Modeling Litigation Funding Agreements - Negotiating Fair Outcomes for Clients and the Firm
In-house counsel interest in litigation finance has increased since the onset of the pandemic as businesses explore ways to protect their balance sheets. And, demand within firms has increased to fund legal actions in progress and provide attractive client discounts to retain the work......
Thu, Aug 27
Law Firm Economics 101: A Client-Focused Primer on the Primary Levers of Law Firm Performance
The commercial terms negotiated between law firms and client legal departments have long been plagued by information asymmetry at best, and just plain misunderstanding at worst. This program will shed light on the drivers underlying law firm performance and economic levers.
Time is TBD
Online Webinar
Going Deep on Law Firm Profitability
The subject of law firm profitability has become popular recently – and for good reason. With real business forces impacting firms, lawyers can no longer avoid the subject. Join Jill Nelson and Tom Jones as they provide a deep dive into the forces that drive firms margins....