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LVN Spotlight: Rayner Fredrick

In this edition of LVN Spotlight, we're pleased to feature Rayner Fredrick, CPP, ALPP, Director of Practice Economics at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP, and a dedicated member of LVN since March 2020. Watch LVN Insider Editor Greg Lampbert's sit-down interview and read it below!

Introduction –

Tell our audience a bit about yourself, Rayner.

"Hi everyone! I joined legal in February of 2015 after a banking management program fell through and my finance professor told me about a former colleague looking for a “law firm financial analyst”. That former colleague was Brad Antici. I realized quickly that Brad was an industry superstar so I have benefitted greatly from simply riding his coattails.

I work for Sheppard Mullin, a $1B+ 1,000+ attorney firm headquartered in Los Angeles. The talented Keri Gavin leads the Practice Management Department. My role is a mixed bag of pricing, strategic analysis and insights, client management, profitability, technology and dashboarding initiatives, attorney education, and more."

Rewarding Aspects –

What aspect of your professional journey, including any involvement outside of your primary role, do you find particularly rewarding?

"Relationship building has always been the most satisfying and rewarding part of my professional journey. I’ve been fortunate to work for three firms, all with great people, and developed friendships with folks all across the industry. I remember reading an article about Matt Laws at Crowell and Moring a few months into my career and “slid into his DMs” (wrote a very professional email asking if I could call him and pick his brain). He was happy to chat and became one of my early industry mentors. Matt is just one of many in our space who have so generously given back to help others."

Work-Life Balance –

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hobbies or passions outside of your work with LVN?

"While I grew up on a half-acre in suburban Kansas City, I now reside on my in-laws' 400-acre cow farm. My wife Heather and I are normally up at about 5 AM each day, hit the gym, take a one-mile loop on the farm, and then “go to work” (me to my at-home desk and her to the 57-year-old family catering business).

After hours and on weekends, you can catch me with Heather frying catfish and chicken in a food truck or trailer, trying not to crash my father-in-law’s John Deere tractor, shooting snakes that threaten the homestead, getting a cat I never wanted (to keep barn mice at bay), catching cows that always seem to break out or spending time with my Guinness World Record and CMA award-winning dog."

LVN Volunteer Coordination –

Tell us about your involvement in supporting LVN volunteer initiatives.

"As Assistant to the Volunteer Director, I am essentially Brad Antici's own Dwight Schrute. We work alongside board member Kristina Lambright and executive director Katie Keel to optimize LVN's committee structure – Conference, Programming, Education, WIN, Networking and Marketing, Road Trip, and The Extended Committee. It takes a village to put on all of LVN’s offerings and that village, and its members, need support. It’s not rocket science, but it takes time and care. We’ve sent a ton of emails and had a ton of Zooms extending invitations for volunteer opportunities. It’s been very satisfying to see everything come together! And a big shoutout to Kristina and Katie who work tirelessly to ensure everything comes together. Brad and I are just doing the easy part."

Behind the Scenes –

What's one aspect of volunteering with LVN that members might not be aware of?

"There are so many ways to get involved and the volunteer opportunities are more manageable than one might think. Interested? Let us know! We would love to have you."

Future of LVN Volunteer Program -

Looking ahead, what are your thoughts on the future of LVN's volunteer program?

"We’re building momentum to continue to grow the community. As previously mentioned, it takes a village and we're focused on our potential to develop areas like content creation, additional education opportunities, adding mid-year events like road trips and pit stops, and more at the annual LVNx Conference Experience. Legal Valnue Network is a very welcoming community. If you’re ready to grow professionally and develop new relationships, volunteer opportunities with LVN are a great place to start!"

We're pleased to take this opportunity to thank Rayner and all of the dedicated volunteers at Legal Value Network for their continued support and commitment to our organization and its mission to accelerate evolution in the legal industry!

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