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LVN Spotlight: Sarah McCormick & Levi Remley

In a recent interview with LVN Insider Editor Greg Lambert, Sarah McCormick and Levi Remley, the co-chairs of the LVN Education Committee, provided insights into their professional journeys, the rewarding aspects of their work, and upcoming trends in legal education.

I believe fostering mentorship relationships is critical in our industry, and it's encouraging to see the growing interest in it. – Sarah McCormick
One of the emerging trends is the desire for more candid conversations within our community, reflecting a shift in how educational content is delivered. – Levi Remley

Diverse Professional Backgrounds:

Levi Remley, the Director of Pricing at Barnes and Thornburg in Indianapolis, shared his journey from an aspiring entrepreneur to an intrapreneurial role within his firm. Despite not initially envisioning a career in law, Levi found fulfillment in building and refining processes within the firm, describing the continuous improvement process as immensely rewarding.

Sarah McCormick, the Director of Legal Service Delivery at Honigman LLP in Michigan, embarked on a unique path, starting in legal project management immediately after law school. Her passion for innovation and relationship-building has been pivotal in crafting her professional journey, marked by a dedication to enhancing legal services and fostering meaningful connections.

Building Upon Success:

Both Levi and Sarah discussed the dynamic nature of their roles, emphasizing the satisfaction derived from creating and executing strategic visions within their respective firms. Sarah underscored the significance of relationships in her career, while Levi emphasized the continuous pursuit of improvement and innovation in legal service delivery.

A Glimpse into Personal Passions:

Away from their professional endeavors, Sarah and Levi indulge in diverse interests. Sarah is deeply involved in serving on the board of directors for an animal shelter and enjoys the competitive spirit of pickleball. Levi remains connected to his alma mater, Franklin College, and shares a passion for travel and pickleball.

Future Trends and Initiatives:

Looking ahead, Levi and Sarah shed light on the evolving landscape of legal education and professional development. They emphasized the importance of candid conversations, mentorship opportunities, and fresh perspectives in shaping future educational initiatives within LVN. Anticipating shifts in content delivery methods, they highlighted the community-driven nature of LVN's educational content and the potential for enhanced mentorship programs.

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, the LVN Education Committee remains committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and professional growth. Sarah and Levi exemplify the spirit of leadership and dedication, driving forward initiatives that empower legal professionals to thrive in an increasingly dynamic environment.

As the legal industry continues to evolve, the LVN Education Committee remains at the forefront, shaping the future of legal education and professional development.

Stay tuned for more insights and initiatives from LVN's Education Committee as they continue to pave the way for excellence in legal education and professional development.

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