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LVN Career Advance

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

LVN is pleased to announce the launch of LVN Career Advance, a job board designed to connect LVN members with exceptional opportunities to advance their careers. LVN Career Advance will provide a forum for law firms, companies and recruiters to post job openings to a selective audience of key professionals in pricing, process improvement and practice management. Already nearly 500 strong, LVN offers a remarkable opportunity for organizations to attract top talent in a short period of time. Better yet, this access is free to members for the remainder of 2020.


The first and only membership association catering to the unique needs of professionals in pricing, project management, legal operations, process improvement and finance, LVN delivers access to a tight network of individuals with the knowledge you need to hit the ground running. LVN’s Founding Members rank among the most recognized and admired thought leaders in this budding segment of the legal industry. As clients continue to actively manage legal budgets and law firms strive to deliver greater overall value, the professional roles and influence of today’s Chief Practice Officers, Pricing Managers and Project Management experts will only increase and expand in influence. LVN Career Advance will help propel us into this future.

How LVN Career Advance Works

For the immediate future, please email your job postings to Janet Diaz, LVN’s Executive Director, at Janet will post your job to the site. All job postings will be accessible to members. Plus, for a limited time, LVN will include job posting alerts – emails distributed to the entire LVN membership highlighting the opportunity.

Beginning in 2021, LVN will launch an even more robust and valuable tool, allowing employers and recruiters to post jobs directly, feature job posts, purchase packages of posts, and more. If you have input and would like to be part of designing LVN Career Advance and ensuring it works for you, please email Marcie Borgal Shunk at

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