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LVN Road Trip Chicago

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

A look back at a terrific event

It was great to see over 60 members and friends in Chicago for the first leg of the LVN Road Trip! Here's what happened during the program focused on Global Challenges. Regional Perspectives. Outstanding Content.

Honk twice for our awesome sponsors

Feedback from participants

  • 100% of attendees rated the event as good, very good, and excellent.

  • 100% of attendees were satisfied to extremely satisfied that the event was worth their investment of time and money.

"LVN Never Disappoints!"
"Awesome job! This was the 1st event I’ve ever been to where all 4 panelists were women, which was really great to see."
"Made me excited for future events."

The perfect playlist

We asked attendees what song would be first on their road trip playlist and together, we've made the perfect soundtrack! Listen on Spotify.

Be sure to also check out the LVN Off the Clock Podcast. In the latest episode, Professor Richard Jolly, who led the workshop during this event, shares how lawyers are often more open to technology adoption today but still apprehensive due to their nature of being risk-averse. Listen here.

2 More Stops to Go!

Meet the LVN Road Trip in New York or Washington DC to experience a half-day of valuable networking and education customized for legal service professionals in your area.

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