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Tips and Tricks for staying focused through interruptions

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

From LVN Women's Initiative Network (WIN)

  • Make time on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings to go through the calendar

  • Communicate with your boss and coworkers, get allies who understand the working parents’ schedule challenges

  • Time Boxing – Schedule focus time first thing in the morning

  • Implement ‘Focus Friday’ with your team – schedule no meetings

  • Tie financial incentives to chores for your children; teach kids to be more independent (make their own lunches, take out trash, empty dishwasher, etc.)

  • If allowed, work nine (9) hour days and take every other Friday off

  • Hold a family meeting twice a month; run the family like a business and get the kids participation (Google spreadsheet)

  • Practice what you preach with your team

  • Stop multitasking and be present

  • Set appropriate boundaries

  • Use time-saving services – like Instacart!

We hope you find these tips and tricks useful to you. All LVN members are welcome to join upcoming WIN events.

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