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Thinking Outside the Timecard – using data to close the gaps

In Partnership with LVN Sponsor, Litera


Thinking Outside the Timecard – using data to close the gaps


  • Jessica Davis, McCarter & English LLP, Director, Matter Performance & Service Innovation

  • Michael Goulet, Brown Rudnick LLP, Director of Pricing & Legal Project Management

  • Jolita Rukaityte, Litera, Product Manager - Clocktimizer


Freddie Hustler, Litera, Director, International Product Sales


By understanding and categorizing timecard narratives into types of work, Clocktimizer gives law firms incredibly powerful data that can be used to solve a huge variety of challenges.

Your lawyers are already writing timecard narratives. So, why not use that data to:

1.  Understand how to reduce write-offs and increase realization rates

2.  Know which people will benefit most from access and training for specific technologies

3.  Quantify the ROI on new technology and processes

4.  Find the right expert, however specific or niche your need is

5.   Reduce time spent by fee earners on non-billable tasks

Join this webinar to understand how firms are using timecard narratives to successfully tackle these challenges and more.

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