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Sustaining Innovation in Legal


Sustaining Innovation in Legal


Candice Carr, Microsoft, Senior Attorney - Modern Legal - Storyteller

Professor Bill Henderson, Indiana University Maurer School of Law


Amani Smathers, Senior Practice Innovations Specialist, Chapman and Cutler LLP


Over the past decade, many large law firms have invested in teams specifically focused on innovation. The goal of these teams is arguably to introduce new tools, services, and processes to better serve clients and help the firm remain a strong market player, particularly in the face of “disruptive” business models evolving in the market.  Yet despite these investments, only 36% of legal department operations respondents to a 2020 Blickstein Group survey said they consider their law firms innovative and 90% said they would appreciate law firms approaching them more frequently with new legal service delivery models.

Join us as we discuss innovations in technology and business models that are the most exciting to consumers of legal services and hear our panelists’ perspectives on the most urgent areas of innovation for legal service providers to focus on in the coming years.

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