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Survey Data Speaks: What We’ve Learned, Where We’re Going

Sponsered by Intapp


Survey Data Speaks: What We’ve Learned, Where We’re Going


Chris Ende, Chief Value Officer, Goulston & Storrs, and LVN Board member
Ben Hayden, Senior Director of Legal Operations, Cengage Group
Bea Seravello, Partner and Co-Head of NewLaw, Baretz+Brunelle


Sharon Scenna, Senior Director of Solutions Management, Intapp


Early 2021 yielded contemporaneous survey data across three key stakeholder groups: in-house law department operations professionals (LDOs), outside law-firm pricing and project management professionals (LPPMs), and legal IT professionals (LITPs).

When studied together, the results show unsurfaced service gaps that can impact the delivery to clients, a spotlight on the importance of operational excellence as a key driver of profitable delivery, and that the pandemic-driven adoption of innovative technologies – including cloud-based solutions and AI – is paving the path for firms looking to maintain long-term market leadership.

As we prepare for a new round of surveys, join our market experts to hear their reactions to last year’s data and how they anticipate changes and developments.

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