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Set It…and Don’t Forget It – A Collaborative Discussion on Budgeting

In Partnership with LVN Founding Sponsor, Fulcrum GT


Set It…and Don’t Forget It – A Collaborative Discussion on Budgeting


Pieter van der Hoeven, Co-Founder and CEO, Clocktimizer; Elizabeth Satterfield, Director of LPM and Innovation, Proskauer Rose; Alexandra Guajardo, Pricing and Analytics Officer, Shell; Kofi Mundy-Castle, Pricing and LPM Solutions Lead, Fulcrum GT


Levi Remley, Director of Pricing, Barnes & Thornburg LLP and Aaron Boersma, Legal Operations, Strategic Pricing & Analysis Lead, Google


You have heard the term “set it and forget it,” but the opposite cannot be more true for the legal pricing community. Pricing a legal matter is rarely a “point-in-time effort” that is over by developing an initial budget. Rather, it’s an ongoing, cooperative process between clients, law firms, and business partners to continue pricing a matter as the scope of work evolves. In a recent survey conducted by the Legal Value Network and the Blickstein Group, it was found that there appears to be a “clear intersection for firms and clients around managing budgets and managing demand,” but generally both sides “agree that communication is poor.” What arises from these two points is an opportunity for collaborative progress.

When a complex matter arises, how can legal departments, law firms, and business partners effectively develop (and maintain) a matter’s budget even when significant uncertainty exists? And where do clients perceive the most value from these conversations?

Join us as our diverse panel of speakers walk through real-world pricing discussions and provide tactics to help you better partner with your counterparts by building better budgets.

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