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Post Pandemic Impacts on Pricing, LPM and Profitability


Post Pandemic Impacts on Pricing, LPM and Profitability


Susan Raridon Lambreth, Principal, LawVision LLC

Mark Medice, Principal, LawVision, LLC




Economic shocks have been accelerants for legal industry change over the past decades. This cycle will render similar shifts. Susan Raridon Lambreth and Mark Medice will take our audience through LawVision’s legal industry playbook for industry recovery, reviewing macro and micro trends driving global economic changes and, by extension, the legal profession. This program will focus on those aspects of the playbook that address client value and the evolving client/firm relationships when it comes to service delivery, pricing, LPM and the like.

In this webinar, Susan and Mark will address the strategies legal organizations may pursue in terms of clients, organizational structure, economics, data/technology, talent, culture, and overall approach to be well-positioned for growth in the emerging new “normal,” as well as to prepare for the next crisis.

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