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Nothing Artificial About the Intelligence, the Human Side of LPM


Nothing Artificial About the Intelligence, the Human Side of LPM


V. Basil Fedorchenko, Senior Legal Project Manager, Perkins Coie; Fabricio (Fab) Vayra, Partner, Perkins Coie; Ryan Baum, Senior Program Manager, Legal Business Operations, Google


Kevin Shine, Director of Projects, Factor


People, process, and technology are all important components of project management in any industry, especially legal. Yes, processes must be developed and technology appropriately positioned to allow for efficient project management; but it is difficult to overstate the importance of an individual’s role in a robust LPM environment. This fact is becoming increasingly apparent based on the growing investment into project management positions for both law firms and clients alike.

Yet despite these investments into additional personnel by each party, both firms (65%) and law departments (64%) agree that an insufficient amount of communication and feedback is shared, according to a 2020 law department survey conducted by the Blickstein Group and the Legal Value Network.

As a matter’s scope evolves, how can legal departments, law firms, and business partners effectively manage scope, financial expectations, and resources, all while providing an appropriate level of communication, even when significant matter uncertainty exists?

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