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Delivering Value with Data


Delivering Value with Data


Nicole Bradick - Founder & CEO at Theory and Principle

Hadrien Basso - Associate Director - Business Analytics at Baker McKenzie

Josh Glendinning - Associate Director & Partner at Opinium


Bethany Knoblauch (Moderator) - Director, Matter Planning at K&L Gates


Data is at the heart of the modern economy and its evangelists claim it can solve nearly every business problem going. But lying behind all data is a messy reality, full of ambiguous situations and open to a huge amount of interpretation and judgment.

One of the most crucial parts of understanding how to use any data more effectively is understanding its limitations. Only by appreciating its provenance, structure, and meaning can we understand when and how best to deploy it.

Data is also a powerful tool for telling a story and can be shared in a more visual way to reach more people.

Our panelists will highlight the good, the bad, and the messy when it comes to data and how they have learned to harness its power into compelling and comprehensible outputs.

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