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Billing for a Productive Relationship: An LPPM Survey Webinar


Billing for a Productive Relationship: An LPPM Survey Webinar


David Cambria, Managing Director of Legal Operations, Innovation and Modern Law Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers - Legal Business Services

Purvi Sanghvi, Director of Strategic Pricing at Paul Hastings

Vinnie Scarinci, Practice Group Leader at Intapp

Joshua Libling, Director of Risk Analytics at Validity Finance, LLP

Sponsored By: Intapp  Validity Finance LexFusion



The 2nd Annual Legal Pricing and Project Management Survey, created in collaboration with Intapp, delivers a detailed look at legal pricing and project management professionals (LPPMs) at major U.S. law firms and leverages data from the most recent Annual Law Department Operations Survey to provide an exclusive look at their perspectives as compared to—and their relationships with—those in parallel roles at corporate law departments (LDOs).

One of the areas where we found substantial disconnects between the LPPMs and the LDOs is around billing models, with law firms struggling with the tension between delivering value and billing hours, clients struggling to be heard on enforcing outside counsel guidelines, and both groups struggling to figure out alternative fee arrangements.

In this webinar we will explore a number of data points from the LPPM Survey around billing models and the billing relationship and discuss how law firms and law departments can work together. Some of the specific questions we will discuss include:

  • Are law firm lawyers properly incentivized for client value and innovation?

  • How can both sides get more out of billing guidelines?

  • Can we finally figure out alternative fee arrangements?

  • Are shadow bills effective or counterproductive?

  • Is measuring the value of legal services more art than science?

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