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Part 2: Innovation For the People, By the People


Part 2: Innovation For the People, By the People


Bethany Knoblauch, Director, Matter Planning, K&L Gates

Jessie Spressart, Managing Director, Optia Consulting



Innovation can be anything that improves how something is done. We often spend our time focusing on what is not working and trying to fix it, but there is value in focusing on what is working well and building off of that. In the legal industry, in particular, we tend to spend our time talking about, and complaining about, what is broken. We often have much more success and less personal frustration when we focus on what is working and how to expand on it.

One way to think about this is to play to your own strengths. We can't help people be at their best unless we are at our best. This session will help you identify (via some free surveys) your own strengths and how to best play to them to improve your organization and succeed in your job.

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