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Setting Rates in an Environment of Complexity – Understanding the Impact of Gen AI, Inflation, and Other Productivity Factors

May 30 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET

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Setting rates is one of the most complex tasks a law firm can undertake, but the last few years have added additional complexities. From skyrocketing inflation and record-high rates to the coming debate over how GenAI may impact billing, this session focuses on some of the major influences on rates and how they may be permanently changing.

Take part to learn:

  • What's happened to rates in the post-pandemic period.

  • What “real’ rate growth is.

  • The surprising complexities of billing for GenAI.


  • Bryce Engelland, Industry Data Analyst, Thomson Reuters

  • Bill Josten, Legal Marketplace Innovations Insights Strategist, Thomson Reuters

  • Eugenia Frenzel, Director of Pricing and Practice Management Economics, Perkins Coie

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