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The LVN 2021 Conference Experience

By Program Committee Co-Chair Jared Applegate

You’re Invited!

What a whirlwind of a year. A year fraught with uncertainty both socially and professionally. The legal landscape has certainly changed in many ways with remote work, adoption of technology, and new ways to run teams that serve the legal vertical.

As we near, what we hope to be, the light at the end of the tunnel, we are seeking more than ever social interaction and ‘creative combustion’. As half of your co-chair team is from Indianapolis, the racing capital of the world, combustion is a key element to any engine, but to have combustion you need spark and mixture. That is why the Legal Value Network wants to provide a safe environment for its community to engage in ‘creative combustion’ at its inaugural LVNx Conference in Nashville this October.

What to expect

What you should expect from LVN as you make the journey either virtually or in person.

  • A safe place to connect with colleagues and a following of CDC guidelines

  • Networking opportunities, both structured and unstructured, to connect with colleagues and share the last 18 months of experiences- that we are all yearning for.

  • Robust content and programming structured around you; legal operations professionals, law firm pricing & project management professionals, innovation professionals, and practice management professionals – all across the legal vertical.

  • An opportunity to bring back to your organization key insights from new connections with our business services providers

  • A virtual element that provides you with lasting content from the location of your choosing.

Registration opens in June

We hope you will join us in any capacity that you chose. This year, more than ever we, Legal Value Network, are here for you and the community in which we serve.

We hope to see you in Nashville this October 6-8


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