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LVN Spotlight – Basil Fedorchenko

In this month's spotlight, we delve into the professional journey of Basil Fedorchenko, Senior Manager of Legal Project Management Consulting at Perkins Coie LLP. Basil, a valued member of LVN and member of the LVN Extended Committee, shared insights into his career trajectory and the intricacies of legal project management.

In the evolving role of legal project management, challenges lie in scalability and customization. Yet, the reward comes from developing strong partnerships with clients, witnessing the impact of support on practices, and fostering mutual trust. – Basil Fedorchenko
Entering the Legal Project Management Arena

Basil entered the legal profession as a practicing lawyer, amassing 7500 hours. Reflecting on his journey, he shares, "I put in my 7500 hours and realized that wasn't the path for me." Transitioning through roles at Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, he engaged with law firms, focusing on understanding clients' needs and facilitating communication between the sell side and the buy side.

The turning point came with an opportunity at Perkins Coie. Basil recalls, "It was an opportunity to really put the rubber to the road and implement a lot of the things that I've been talking to clients about."

Challenges in Legal Project Management

Legal project management grapples with challenges, and Basil points out scalability and customization as ongoing hurdles. He emphasizes the balance between providing tailored solutions and maintaining efficiency, stating, "There's a tension between scalability and customization." Technology and standard offerings are crucial, yet customization becomes imperative to meet clients' evolving needs.

Moreover, in a tech-heavy environment, clients' rapid movements sometimes leave legal project managers piecing things back together. "Clients like to move fast. They break things, and we're sometimes left in a position where we're the ones who are piecing things back together."

Rewards and Fulfillment in Legal Project Management

Amid challenges, Basil finds immense rewards in developing relationships with attorneys and clients. "Getting to see the impact of our support on those practices and seeing practices blossom and grow" stands out as one of the most fulfilling aspects, he shares.

He adds that the satisfaction of organizing messy situations and building strong structures contributes to the overall rewards. "Making sure that everybody's singing from the same sheet of music in that communication and that relationship is incredibly rewarding."

Beyond the Professional Pursuits

Outside the legal project management realm, Basil has found solace and enjoyment in racing bikes. Transitioning from running to cycling, he highlights the rewarding aspects of engaging in a community with similar interests and participating in the thrill of cyclocross season. He notes, "It's a lot easier to get excited about a new bike than a new pair of running shoes."

Involvement with LVN Extended Committee

As a member of the LVN Extended Committee, Basil expresses his enthusiasm for impactful initiatives. The committee provides a platform to connect with professionals regularly. "It really takes LVN from kind of a concept and brings it home, giving you that opportunity to connect with folks on a regular basis."

Are you interested in contributing to this group? Begin your journey with LVN leadership, and apply for the Extended Committee today!

In conclusion, Basil Fedorchenko's journey in legal project management reflects the dynamic nature of the field. Through challenges and rewards, his commitment to building strong relationships and providing valuable support shines through, contributing to the ongoing evolution of legal project management.

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