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Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Legal Value Network’s monthly newsletter, LVN Insider. Brought to you by the team that has been bringing together key players from across the law firm and legal operations ecosystem for years, LVN is committed to: (1) Building a dynamic community of experts from corporate law departments, law firms and a variety of consultants/providers; (2) bringing you useful and relevant content; and (3) providing access to professional development opportunities.

While the timing of our mid-March 2020 launch was perhaps not ideal (global pandemic, anyone?), LVN already has nearly 500 members and has produced a wide range of content including more than a dozen webinars on a variety of topics and critical insights from our popular and insightful Council of Luminaries series. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you in the loop and help navigate this content as well as other happenings, thought leadership pieces and our new job board - LVN Career Advance. (Be sure to check out Purvi Sanghvi and Michael Byrd’s thoughts as we enter the last quarter of calendar 2020.)

The past six months have been a challenging time, to say the least; the fact that so many have joined our fledgling organization and contributed time and effort in this period is both gratifying and proof of the value and potential in this community. We look forward to more of the same and then some as we continue to build out our offerings – as well as the prospect of seeing you in person again someday!

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