Legal Value Network Member Spotlight - Tom Jones

We asked Tom Jones, the CEO and Founder of Iridium Technology to tell us more about his career path, what he loves most about what he does and how the legal industry and the delivery of legal services has changed as a result of the pandemic. Connect with Tom on LinkedIn.

Tell us how you got into your field.

You may find it hard to believe, but as a boy running around in Orange County, it was not my dream to grow up and develop business intelligence solutions for large law firms! It was actually random chance: a buddy of mine and I had started a consulting firm, and our first client was a large law firm in San Francisco. We built some financial reporting and budgeting applications for that firm and ended up buying the rights to the source code back from the firm and taking our products to market. That was the start of my exclusive focus on business intelligence for law firms for the past 24 years.

I have always been entrepreneurial, so I started Iridium technology as a way to offer law firms better products and better service for their business intelligence needs. It is amazing for me to think that over the past 11 years, Iridium has grown from a one-man shop to become a legal BI powerhouse with almost 80 employees, 275+ clients, 16 products and a global presence.

What do you love most about what you do?

I think it's great that you use the emotion "love" in this question because that is the emotion that I use to describe how I feel running Iridium Technology. I love everything about Iridium: our clients, our products, our team members, our technologies and our bright future.