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Learn More About our September 16 Program on Modeling Litigation Funding Agreements

On September 16 at noon ET, the Legal Value Network and Validity Finance will host a webinar on “Modeling Litigation Funding Agreements - Negotiating Fair Outcomes for Clients and the Firm”. Panelists Jordan Aily, CPA of Validity Finance, LLC, Alan Guy of Kobre & Kim and Alex Macdonald of JD McCarter & English, LLP will discuss how litigation funders model single cases and multi-case portfolio investments to demonstrate how they evaluate cases for risk, duration, and internal rate of return and how you can benefit from these insights to better evaluate when (and if) it makes sense to engage a funder. We asked our speakers to tell us more about what attendees can expect from the program and what they are most looking forward to in presenting the webinar. Here’s what Alex and Alan had to say.

Alex Macdonald, Chief Client Value & Practice Management Officer, McCarter & English, LLP

What will others learn from this webinar?

Demand in the legal industry has been relatively stable or even growing in many sectors over the last decade. Due to the economic fallout from the pandemic, it isn’t earth shattering analysis to project demand for legal services to contract in the near-term without strategic mitigation. I hope and expect one of the key takeaways of this webinar will be understanding how law firms can leverage litigation finance partnerships to flatten or lessen anticipated demand drop-off.

What are you most looking forward to in presenting this webinar?

It is both fun and a chance for me to learn any time I find myself in a “room” with really smart people who bring diverse and wide-ranging experiences on a topic. I am really looking forward to absorbing the knowledge and practical applications of litigation finance shared by my fellow presenters but also from the ensuing dialogue I hope we have with the attendees.

Alan Guy, Managing Director, Kobre & Kim

What will others learn from this webinar?

It is all too easy for law firms and clients to get trapped in dynamics that prevent them from making good business decisions about how and when to litigate. Law firms chase billable hours, clients chase discounts, and in the process legal services are reduced to a commodity and legal assets are wasted.

Litigation funding, and the methods used by litigation funders to analyze claims, provide powerful tools to help law firms frame decisions around litigation as what they are, investment decisions, which should be approached in the same way as any other major investment decision. Events like this are a great way for in-house attorneys and external counsel to become more comfortable leading those discussions, and helping stakeholders make smart decisions regarding when to litigate and how to pay for it.

What are you most looking forward to in presenting this webinar?

I hope that by sharing some of the techniques we use to assess new matters at Kobre & Kim, I can help client decision makers understand how to manage legal liabilities and monetize legal assets more effectively. I am also looking forward to hearing about the experiences of participants and how they have made decisions to pursue – or not pursue – litigation and litigation funding. Discussions like these help clients, law firms, and funders learn to communicate with each other more effectively and help all three to get more out of the deals they strike.

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