How to Measure the Value of A.I. to Your Firm

Updated: May 20

Tamir Samman, Senior Director of Revenue, Casetext

As a legal technology company that develops A.I. tools, this is a question we hear somewhat often: “How do I encourage my firm to adopt A.I.?”

The answer might be, “You shouldn’t.” It all depends on the answer to a question more firms should be asking: “Does A.I. lead to real business value for my firm, and if so, how can I measure it?”

Although A.I. adoption might signal a certain level of tech-savviness and an interest in innovation, adopting A.I. for the sake of A.I. is not necessarily a strong investment for your firm to make. It’s also definitely not the best way to pitch A.I. tools to your firm’s leadership.

When we released our A.I.-powered legal research tool, Parallel Search, it was important to us — and to many of our customers — to be able to connect it to real business value for law firms. I certainly don’t want to undersell the incredible work of the brilliant team of data scientists and engineers who brought the product to life, b