3.30.2021: Council of Luminaries Joint Meeting

The month’s Council of Luminaries Joint meeting kicked off with a discussion around collaborating with the procurement function and led into a discussion of a few data points from the LPPM Survey, both related to communication.

Firm Luminary 1 – At first it was the lawyers and then the procurement people. But they were trying to commoditize the work. They were doing everything in their power to do that. They were on an island – in and also out of legal. A lot of non-attorney - not even in legal ops were doing it. Legal ops were managing it, but the procurement person was managing. It was run by procurement but driven by legal ops.

Firm Luminary 2 – Procurement has been minimized a bit over the past few years.

Firm Luminary 1 – It depends on the camp.

Client Luminary 1 – It depends on the organization. By and large, I think legal ops is becoming the conduit for where deals get done. Procurement is more for third-party providers.

Firm Luminary 1 – When I was in house, my company was at first adverse to working with procurement, then they went to them when legal ops became too expensive. They still had a responsibility to legal. The procurement folks would do the busy work. More like an extra resource for legal ops. They can cost less than legal ops people.