Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why form a new organization in this already crowded market?

A: The answer is simple: There is no organization filling this space. There are a lot of useful ones out there (LMA, ILTA, ALA, CLOC, etc.). And these organizations provide great value to their core membership. The challenge has been that the "business of law" community does not fit well within any of these. The LVN community, as it exists, has been tied to the LMA via P3 for a number of years, but reached a point of critical mass where the need for a new home became apparent. Another unique aspect of LVN is its inclusiveness, looking to actively include all segments from the market, especially law firms, clients and providers. 

Q: Will LVN host an annual conference, and what are the learning opportunities available through LVN?

A: LVN will host an annual conference, in fact, the LVN Board is already planning a conference for 2021 as well as a host of thought leadership, mentoring, and collaborative opportunities via webinars and podcasts in the interim.  

Q:  By joining LVN during 2020, when will my 2021 dues renew?

A:  Beginning 2021, LVN will be on a January 1 - December 31 calendar year.  It will be necessary for all 2020 members to renew membership in January 2021.